Super Smash Bros

Super Mario Smash Bros: A Game Beyond All Others

Super Mario Smash Bros is a <i>wham ’em, sock ’em, rack ’em, rock ’em, and knock ’em</i> kind of game that is like no other. The major difference between Super Mario Smash Brothers and other fighting games is it has a fun element that anyone can enjoy.

A Fun & Friendly Game
Most console games that involve fighting can get quite violent. Some of these games show visible blood, and they ask the player to inflict realistic pain and torture upon the character the gamer is fighting against. Some games go so far as to make it a point to show off impressive ways of killing another character.

Not every gamer is looking for such a gory or bloody experience, which is why Super Mario Smash Bros is here. This game does not inflict more than a fair hit to the other player. The sound effects do not imply real pain or broken bones. In fact, the only thing that the game ever shows is a player losing some coins by getting hit. The theme here is a fun brawl not a life/death brawl.

What is the Ultimate Objective of the Game?
The point of the game is to simply kick an opponent out of the fighting stage. That is all a player has to do to defeat an opponent.

Most of the time these defeats are treated in a fun way where players can safely assume that their opponents are simply out of the game and not dead.

Players Can Choose from Great Players
The characters available are some of the most recognizable characters that one can choose from in the gaming world. Call it nostalgia or perfection, but these players are definitely cemented in most people’s minds.

One of the most popular characters to choose from is Mario from Super Mario Bros. This particular character is light and short but can pack a major punch to those who cross him. It is a favored character in most Smash Bros. versions because of his quick abilities and abilities to make it back onto the stage if knocked out.

Another popular character could be called Mario’s exact opposite. This character’s name is Wario. He is a very powerful character known for his fighting skills. He is a bit heavy, so getting back on the fighting stage is not so easy.

A classic character that many players love to play with is the gargantuan Donkey Kong who is able to drum the ground and is quite intimidating. He can also fly for a little while, which makes it easier for him to make it back to the stage if necessary. Donkey Kong’s appearance is very much reminiscent of that big ape that used to antagonize Mario when he first arrived to the gaming world.

You might also catch some of the following characters–depending on the version of the game you are using:

  • Bayonetta, from the game named Bayonetta.
  • Captain Falcon, which is the main character in F-Zero.
  • Charizard is a popular character in Pokemon games and shows.
  • Cloud is a recognized character from Final Fantasy.
  • Link is the main character from the Zelda games.
  • Fox is from Star Fox.
  • Ness is a popular character from EarthBound/Mother.
  • Pac-Man is a fun circle from the Pac-Man games.
  • Sonic is a hedgehog that speeds through the Sonic the HedgeHog games
  • Pikachu is an electric and popular character from the Pokemon games and shows.

There are several other characters to choose from, but these are some of the popular ones.

What Players Love Most About Smash Bros
Players do love the nostalgia of being able to play with some of their favorite characters. But there are two things that most players find to be particular enticing about the Smash Bros games. The first aspect of the game is the simplicity of the game. Moves occur with the touch of a button–without much fancy finger work, like other games.

The second aspect of Smash Bros that players love is the versus game mode. Players can play against their friends. Most players will attest to the fact that these friendly tournaments make the whole game worthwhile, as many people find these fights to be enriching and exciting.

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