Super Mario 3D World

Reviewing Super Mario 3D World

No video game characters have enjoyed more success than the two Italian plumbers known as Mario and Luigi. These two brothers have been everything from flying raccoons, to race car drivers to tennis players. They’ve even managed to make their friends into successful video game icons. The usual cast of characters is once again gathered for an incredible adventure in the latest addition to the Super Mario series titled Super Mario 3D Wolrd. This game will remind players of previous installments into the series because it combines elements from several of its forerunners.

A Blast from the Future
Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach are all available as select-able characters in Super Mario 3D World. This game is basically an extension of Super Mario 3D Land which was also a popular title for the Wii U. The four selectable characters will remind Nintendo fans of the Super Mario Brothers 2. Like the classic 2D platform game, each of the four characters has strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, some characters will be better suited for different levels. There are also shades of Super Mario Brothers 3 in this game because players can endow themselves with different suits. On the game’s cover, Mario can be seen wearing a Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon Dog) Suit and Luigi is donning a frog suit. These suits were first introduced in the 1990’s and they’re back to help the quartet save the mushroom kingdom. There are even elements from the original Super Mario Brothers Games featured in this rendition. For instance, there’s a timer for each board and even a flagpole at the end. There are also lots of differences that make Super Mario 3D World one of the best titles in the series.

What’s New in the Mushroom Kingdom?
The most noticeable difference between this game and previous Super Mario games is the addition of Rosalina. This fifth character has to be unlocked by achieving certain goals and she adds variety to the game. Characters can still pick each other up and carry one another across difficult terrain. This is a skill that comes in handy in multiplayer mode. There are also new suits available to compliment the leaf, mega mushroom and boomerang flowers. The Super Bell transforms the characters into a cat-like creature that can perform special attacks.

Toad and Princess Peach can be seen on the cover donning these new cat suits. There’s also a Lucky Bell which allows players to don the Lucky Cat Suit. This suit will give the players coins in certain situations but it’s not as practical as the others. Gamers will be reminded of Mario 64 when they play because the levels scroll in a similar fashion. The plot is a little weak as the heroes discover a sprixie (combination of the words pixie and sprite) trapped in a pipe and decide to help her. It turns out that Bowser has captured all the sprixies from their world and the heroes must travel to this land to save them. The usual bad guys show up to stop the team, but there are also a few new surprises.

Five Character Wit Five Unique Abilities
Mario is the most balanced character with above average jumping height and running speed. Luigi can jump the highest and he falls the slowest, similar to his character in Super Mario Brothers 2. Luigi has decent running speed, but he isn’t able to easily get his footing when he lands. Princess Peach is the slowest runner of the four main characters but she can jump the furthest and float through the air just like in Super Mario Brother 2.

Toad is the fastest runner, but his dumpy frame doesn’t let him jump very high. He also falls the fastest which is advantageous in certain boards. Rosalina has a mid-air spin attack and she’s a good jumper. However, she’s the slowest runner in the quintet of heroes.

Exploring for Green Stars
Like the Original Super Mario World for SNES, there are multiple objectives in each board. There are all the common elements for a platform game such as jumping and timing the attacks. However, there are also three green stars hidden on each level that allow the players to access hidden worlds. Playing these hidden worlds provides a new challenge to players who have rescued the sprixies from Bowser.

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