Captain Toads Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad Gets His Own Game

If there was a country for video game characters, Mario and Luigi would be the president and vice president. These two Italian plumbers have grossed a half billion dollars for Nintendo, and even launched a platform for their sidekicks to have successful games. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is the latest in a long line of games to feature characters from the Mario series and it’s now available on the Wii U. Toad began life as the lovable captive in the lower levels of the Super Mario Brothers game, and he now has his own game and a female companion.

More About Captain Toad
In Super Mario 3d World, there was a mini-game known as The Adventures of Captain Toad. Apparently the mini game was popular enough to warrant an entire game of its own. This game demonstrates how far Toad has come since his days of being repeatedly captured and rescued as he has now risen to the rank of captain. He has also found a significant other who goes by the name of Toadette. While the name isn’t very creative, it gives female players the chance to explore the levels with a character of the same gender. However, playing as each character isn’t as easy as selecting one or the other in the beginning.

Captain Toad to the Rescue
Like many Nintendo games, Treasure Tracker begins with a guy trying his best to rescue a young lady. It all begins when Toad and Toadette set out to capture a golden star (all Mario fans are familiar with these). Just as the couple is about to grab the star, they notice feathers falling from the sky. These feathers belong to a homely bird named Wingo (get it Wingo Star) and the avian and Toadette simultaneously take hold of the star. Rather than release the star, Toadette is flown away while Toad helplessly watches. Toad is then left with two choices; live a lonely boring life or go after the woman of his dreams. However, this game isn’t as chauvinistic as past Nintendo games, because Toad rescues his sweetie half way through.

Equal Opportunity Heroes
Unfortunately, Toad is unable to finish Wingo and the crazed bird returns. This time, it’s Toad who’s taken hostage and the player must use Toadette to rescue her male counterpart. The controls for both characters are the same and the differences between them are basically cosmetic.

Unique Game play for Captain Toad
This game differs from previous installments in the Mario series because Toad can’t jump at all. Fans of SMB 2 will remember that Toad didn’t have much aerial prowess then either. These fans will also remember some of the enemies such as Shy Guy. The SMB 2 similarities don’t stop there because Toad has the power to pluck patches of grass from the ground. The princess’s guardian was always known for his strength and he puts it to good use in this game.

Some of the grass patches are concealing turnips which Toad can hurl at his enemies just like he did in the past. Some patches are also revealing coins and other powerups that help Toad along the way. This game requires quite a bit of planning, timing and thinking to defeat the levels. Each board has a gold star and many enemies to defeat and avoid to capture said star. There are also bonuses which aren’t parts of the main objectives. This game will remind players of Mario 64, and some of the enemies from that game have made their way into this one as well.

Very Entertaining, Somewhat Educational
Hand eye coordination isn’t enough to master this game because defeating each level is like solving a complex puzzle. These puzzles become increasingly more difficult as the game advances and the enemies become tougher. Parents can rest assured that Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker isn’t turning their children’s brains into mush because it really is mentally challenging. This is especially true for perfectionists who desire to defeat every bonus level. However, the kids can also go online and find dozens of videos that neutralize the thought process. With that being said, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is one of the more entertaining titles for the Wii U and it’s receiving positive reviews online.

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